Morris Park community says pollution project is taking too long

The Department of Environmental Protection is working on completing construction in Morris Park, but neighbors are unhappy they're behind schedule.
The DEP promised a cleaner Westchester Creek as part of the project to upgrade sewers structures and water equipment. They say the changes will reduce pollution by 400 million gallons.
But neighbors are growing tired with the traffic and bad road conditions the project has caused . A representative with Community Board 11 says he is happy for what the project is doing, but is disappointed in how long it is taking.
"Morris Park Avenue, they're looking at completing up by August. And then (another) by the end of the year. Originally the whole thing was supposed to be done by the end of 2018. So it's basically a year longer than expected," says Jeremy Warneke, of Community Board 11.
Warneke says the construction is taking up two driving lanes and a parking spot, making Eastchester Road one lane.
The DEP says they are working with the Department of Transportation to monitor the project and keep the road safe. They say the project should be finished by the fall.