Cold Sunday in New York City before sunny and warm Monday

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Allan Nosoff is officially declaring winter over after Sunday’s cold weather.
OVERNIGHT: Mostly clear and cold. Lows dip down to 31. Wind gusts pick up to 20 mph late.
SUNDAY: The "last" winter-feeling day. Feels-like temps near 20 during the morning, then partly sunny and breezy. Highs up to 43. Lows down to 32.
MONDAY - SPRING BEGINS at 5:24PM: After a cold start, it'll warm up right on cue. Mostly sunny. Highs up to 53. Lows around 40.
TUESDAY: Sunny and nice! Highs up to 62. Lows down to 45.
WEDNESDAY: Sunny and beautiful! Storm system stays offshore. Highs around 60 again. Lows around 47.
THURSDAY: Mostly sunny with highs up to 65. Get ready to sneeze though, allergies going up! Lows down to 49.
FRIDAY: A tricky forecast, depending on where a front sets up. As of now forecasting the warmer side of it, meaning highs close to 70! A few showers possible late.