Mother says daughter was jumped inside Brownsville detention center, denied medical care

Mother says daughter was jumped inside Brownsville detention center, denied medical care

A mother with a daughter in a juvenile detention center in Brownsville says she fears for her daughter's life after she says she was attacked, and the proper medical attention wasn't given.

Joan Kitredge has a 17-year-old daughter who has been in the Crossroads Juvenile Center for a little over two months after being charged with assault. Recently she says her daughter was jumped and wasn't show the proper medical attention.
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Kitredge says her daughter Cherish Gaines was jumped and told her she was coughing up blood. She says she wasn't taken to the hospital due to coronavirus concerns.

Kitredge says it took a few days but they brought in an X-ray machine that showed Gaines didn't have any broken ribs, but she says it did reveal a foreign object by her spine. She's very worried about her daughter and says the facility still won't take her to the hospital.

News 12 reached out to the Administration for Children's Services, which said in a statement, “Our top priority is protecting the safety and wellbeing of youth and staff in our secure detention facilities. We took immediate action to de-escalate the situation and secure the safety of youth and staff. We are taking steps to implement additional protocols and programming to engage youth during this challenging time."
"I understand it’s a different situation now but when someone needs medical care they need medical care. I fear for her health, I fear that they’re not getting her the medical attention that she needs, I fear for her life,” says Kiteredge.
Kitredge says that her daughter's next court date is on May 18 and she hopes she can get transferred to a different facility.