Mother's Day Kickback in Kingsbridge shows appreciation to Bronx moms

Kingsbridge Unidos set up a free store with clothes, jewelry, books and food.

News 12 Staff

May 15, 2023, 2:26 AM

Updated 379 days ago


A Kingsbridge organization showed its gratitude for Bronx moms at a Mother's Day event.
Free was the theme of the community Mother's Day Kickback at Van Courtland Park.
"It's all really just a celebration for moms, and to say it's OK to take a few minutes for yourself, because we love you and appreciate you," said Jessica Altagracra Woolford, founder of Kingsbridge Unidos.
To show appreciation for Bronx mothers, Kingsbridge Unidos set up a free store with clothes, jewelry, books and, of course, food.
"People love the chance to shop for things but, maybe because times are hard and a lot of folks in our community especially are dealing with a number of hardships right now, you can't really afford to buy something nice," Woolford said.
With community donations, Woolford was able to make the event a possibility.
"I just met a neighbor named Rosa who got these gorgeous pearls that were donated," Woolford said showing off the jewelry.
Woolford said the idea behind the kickback is to take people back in time.
"The spirit of it is to tap into that nostalgic feeling of going to a park as a kid, especially in the 90s in the Bronx," Woolford explained.
Mothers who popped in to celebrate said events like this is what their community needs more of.
Being a mother herself, Woolford knows the value of what the title of mom holds.
"Especially for moms who rarely make enough time to care for ourselves. We rarely leave enough for ourselves, at the end of the day, we wanted to offer something nice today," Woolford said.

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