Moving app: Home buying in Connecticut up 69%, trending upward

The number of people buying homes in Connecticut is up 69%, according to Updater – an app that helps residents navigate the process of moving.
Updater looked at 20,000 moves across Connecticut between March 1 and Sept. 30. It also took a sampling of 55,000 moves across the tri-state.
The company says the amount of growth in some local communities was mind boggling, including increases of 800% in Bridgeport and 650% in New Canaan.
Updater determined that Stamford was the overall No. 1 destination in Connecticut.
"People are coming from major cities to Connecticut, looking for more space and a better way to work from home,” said Jenna Weinerman, of Updater. “It's astonishing to see some of these numbers."
The state is currently ranked 24th of top places to move to and is seeing a significant influx from Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles.