MTA: 17 stations across NYC receiving accessibility upgrades in the future

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced on Wednesday 17 stations across New York City will receive accessibility upgrades in the coming years.
The MTA says some of the stations to get upgrades include the 242nd Street and Van Cortland Park station, New Lots Avenue, Classon Avenue, 36th Street, and three stations within Broadway Junction. Those upgrades mean more elevators and ramps at these designated stations.
"Look at these stairs," said Kingsbridge's Scottie Garr. "You got women coming here with kids, babies and infants, and it's very hard on them to go up all these stairs. They have to go all the way down to 231st street to get an elevator."
The program is part of the MTA's pledge to make NYC subways 95% accessible. The plan will allow 67 accessible stations and cost $5.2 billion.
Founder of United for Equal Access New York Dustin Jones told News 12 he thinks making subway stations accessible is a great idea and long overdue.
"I envision it to a point where people with disabilities can go to any subway station whether it is elevated or underground with absolutely no problem," he said.  
The MTA is also projecting that some of their previously announced upgrades should be complete this year, including two stations in the Bronx and five in Brooklyn.