MTA CEO, Gov. Hochul join crowd to rally for support of congestion pricing

Union Square saw a larger crowd than normal on Tuesday morning when Gov. Kathy Hochul and MTA CEO Janno Lieber joined a rally in support of the proposed congestion pricing plan. 
The rally is to put pressure on the MTA board to implement the program as soon as possible, according to organizers. 
City Council Member Lincoln Restler joined the rally as well, saying that the program could bring the desired six-minute service to MTA trains and buses much sooner.
The proposed plan will have cars entering Manhattan south of 60th Street pay $15, with trucks paying anywhere from $24 to $36 based on size. 
Motorcycles would pay $7.50, taxis would pay $1.25, and rideshare vehicles would pay $2.50 under this current proposal. 
The vote on the current proposed pricing takes place on Wednesday.