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MTA holds final meeting on congestion pricing proposal

The MTA held a final public meeting on the proposed congestion pricing plan over Zoom Wednesday morning.

News 12 Staff

Aug 31, 2022, 10:44 AM

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The MTA held a final public meeting on the proposed congestion pricing plan over Zoom Wednesday morning.
The meeting gave concerned residents a chance to weigh in on the proposal to charge drivers for entry to Manhattan from locations like the Lincoln Tunnel and Brooklyn Bridge.
The toll is expected to be anywhere from $9 to $23 in certain areas during different times of the day.
The program could start as soon as next year.
Opinions on the proposal have been mixed. A recent environmental report found that installing the tolls would encourage more people to take mass transit and reduce pollution.
Some people strongly oppose the idea.
"You have not addressed the high rise of crime on your subways and buses. And there is no plan to address that, and you need to address that. If you want people to feel safe riding your subways and buses you need to fix the crime problem on your subways and buses,” said Manhattan resident Collette Vogel.
Although today was the last hearing, the plan still needs approval by the Federal Highway Administration.

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