MTA: New Bronx bus routes added, some bus stops eliminated

Big changes are coming to bus routes in the Bronx with some stops getting taken out completely.
Passengers who are used to the old system tell News 12 they aren’t exactly happy about the redesigns.
The change is all part of the Local Bus Network Redesign initiative in the Bronx, and it's been roughly three years in the making.
The purpose was to adjust the system to the demands of bus riders today and speed up service. Metropolitan Transportation Authority says some bus stops have been about 800 feet apart when the international average is about 1,100 to 1,600 feet apart.
It includes 13 redesigned bus routes, two new routes, changed headways and the retirement of a few stops.
The MTA says they have tried to get the community ready for these changes with public meetings, flyers and word of mouth.
Seventeen bus stops are being taken out, including the stop by Allerton and Holland avenues.
MTA ambassadors are going to continue to patrol the bus stops and tell passengers about the changes for the next two weeks.
The MTA plans to start a new Bus Network Redesign initiative for Brooklyn with details to release later this year.