Multiple city agencies joining forces in Hunts Point transformation plan

Community leaders in Hunts Point were joined by Mayor Eric Adams and the New York City Economic Development Corporation to announce a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood."
Hunts Point Forward is a 15-year project targeting public safety, community health, environmental justice, transportation and infrastructure. The joint effort will help to make sure that all the initiatives in the neighborhood are met. Hunts Point Forward is a plan backed by $40 million, but it requires additional City funding and support from State and Federal partners are needed to implement all 73 recommendations.
“There were too many projects that were occurring in the Hunts Point community, and we felt like agencies and communities and NFPs were not talking to each other,” said Councilmember Rafael Salamanca.
Some specific changes the neighborhood can expect to see: better street lighting at intersections, more access to affordable produce, and pop-up health clinics.
The project also includes upgrades to Baretto Point Park, where they plan to restore part of the shoreline and make more parking spaces for visitors.