Museum of Future Experiences takes New Yorkers on virtual reality journey in Williamsburg

Take a trip into the future at the Museum Of Future Experiences in Williamsburg that started as a pop-up in 2019.
A ticket to the museum gets you a seat to a virtual reality show called "Liminality."
The show takes visitors on a journey through time and space.
Guests become time travelers, fully immersed into a new world thanks to virtual reality headsets and an Ambisonic sound system.
Artistic director Jacqueline Rossi says the experience enhances more than just visitors’ senses.
“It also messes with your proprioception, which is your ability to sense your own body and where it is in space,” Rossi says. “And we’re able to play with sound in a sphere, so the sound is going to happen all around you.”
The MOFE team says it wants to make the advanced technologies more accessible to all New Yorkers.
“For the price of admission, anyone can come and enjoy a really immersive virtual reality experience,” says general manager Jared Rogers.
For those who don’t get a chance to experience "Liminality," they can come back in October for the museum’s Halloween show.