Nassau DA: MS-13 members robbed, kidnapped man they lured to Jericho motel

The Nassau District Attorney's Office says three known MS-13 members are charged for a robbery and kidnapping on Saturday night in Westbury.
Officials say the suspects lured a 48-year-old man to a room at Edgewood Motel under the guise of engaging in sexual acts.
The suspects stabbed the victim with a machete and forced him to turn over his debit card PIN number. They drove to his Chase bank and withdrew $1,000 from the ATM as well as took $300 from the victim.
The DA's Office says when the victim pleaded for the suspects to let him go, they said they were going to kill him because he'd "seen too much."
Officers were conducting an investigation when they noticed a car with the suspects inside left the parking lot and failed to make a complete stop down the road at the intersection of Cambridge Avenue and Warren Street in Westbury.
Police pulled over the car and noticed a 48-year-old man appeared to be in distress.
Officers made everyone step out of the car and that’s when 19-year-old Tylor Salmeron made a run for it.
As he took off, police say he threw a large machete to the ground that had been hidden in his shorts. According to police, Salmeron violently resisted arrest.
He is facing a number of charges including robbery, kidnapping , menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.
Police also arrested the driver, 23-year-old Yonathan Hernandez, and the front-seat passenger, a 16-year-old girl. They are also facing robbery and kidnapping charges.
The DA's Office says the only reason the suspects didn't kill the victim is because they were pulled over by police for the traffic violation.
Authorities say the 16-year-old suspect had an active person in need of supervision (PINS) arrest warrant.
The suspects were arraigned in court Sunday.
Hernandez is in jail on $100,000 cash bail.
Cash bail for Salmeron was set at $250,000.
They are due back in Nassau County Court on Aug. 24.