New animal care center coming to Co-op City

A new 50,000-square-foot animal care center is set to open its doors in Co-op City.
The safe haven will house nearly 70 dogs and 140 cats. It will also provide adoption and medical services for these animals. 
Right now, there is currently no full-service animal care center in the borough, although 27% of animals that enter the shelter system are brought in by Bronx residents.
The $92 million project was initially met with some backlash from the community.
"While there was controversy, we really want to be a partner to the community," said Risa Weinstock, president and CEO of Animal Care Centers of New York. "We want to be everything to everybody. You don't have to like pets, you can honestly help people."
The center will also provide community space, and there is no official date yet for when it will be completed and open.