New Boogie Down Booth debuts in the Bronx

The "Boogie Down Booth" is back in the Bronx, offering a place to sit, enjoy artwork and listen to music.
The colorful installation can be found on Southern Boulevard and East 174th Street, right outside of Seabury Park.
It's powered by solar lights, has seating and features art from the local community.
The space will also provide works of art created by the youth from a nearby school, a bulletin board and sounds from the history of music legends.
The organizations WHEDco and the Bronx Music Heritage Center teamed up with the Parks Department to build the brand-new booth following the popularity of a temporary one erected last July.
"Parks are the living rooms of our city, they're family rooms," says New York City's Park Commissioner Mitchell Silver. "To have this interactive, public art, it livens this neighborhood. It livens this park."
The Boogie Down Booth will be open 24/7 until July 2016.