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New Bronx program gives youth facing jail time a second chance

This program looks to give young people with gun possession charges and no violent crime history a chance to repay for their crimes.

News 12 Staff

Mar 1, 2023, 12:19 AM

Updated 480 days ago


A new program in the Bronx is giving younger people facing jail time a chance at re-entering society.  
In Bronx criminal court, nine young men were recognized for completing a crime prevention program known as BoGap – which stands for Bronx District Attorney and Osborne Association Gun Accountability and Prevention Program.  
The program took two years to come to fruition, and the opportunity gives 16- to 25-year-olds who face gun possession charges and have no prior violent felony convictions a second chance at a normal life.  
For Rahleek Partlow, he fit this criteria, and has finished the year-long program.  
“I used to be in the streets doing stuff I wasn’t supposed to do,” said Partlow. “It’s kind of hard… you’re around a lot of people and they just put you on the spot, so you got to talk about it.” 
The program includes anger management and conflict resolution training, as well as mental health services and job skills education.  
Once Partlow’s 90-day ‘stay out of trouble’ period was done, he officially graduated. This made his felony conviction drop down to a misdemeanor, helping him avoid jail time.  
“I’m happy that I changed,” said Partlow. “It’s always good for you to change and become a new person.” 
The program is made possible, thanks to funding from the federal and city government, alongside private foundation funding.  
A total of 11 participants have made it through, with another 10 set to start the program. The program manager says that while four people failed out of the program and are now facing jail time, it won’t take away from the overall mission of giving the youth a chance to learn from their mistakes.

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