New entrepreneurship program connecting Manhattan College students to small businesses

Manhattan College is bridging the gap to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs.
The school has introduced the “Entrepreneurship@MC” to integrate academics and allow experiential learning to foster innovation.
The program will involve bringing industry professionals to mentor the students, while also connecting them with small local establishments in and around Manhattan College.
“Far too often we see a lot of students with ideas and turn those ideas into products, but how do they turn that product into an actual business,” said the college’s Winston Peters. “And this program is really to help foster entrepreneurship to help create a more entrepreneurial mindset for students."

"Entrepreneurship@MC is also working with the Innovation Challenge, which is a 'Shark Tank' pitch style competition that Manhattan College does,” added Caroline Voigt, the president of the Entrepreneurship Club.
The “Entrepreneurship@MC” initiative is not exclusive to the Manhattan College’s business school, so students of other majors can join.