New Hyde Park mayor proposes no left turn sign, speed cameras on Jericho Turnpike

The mayor of New Hyde Park is calling for safer streets following the triple fatal crash over the weekend.
Three women were killed after attending a Sweet 16 party Saturday at the New Hyde Park Inn.
The car they were riding in was trying to make a left turn onto Jericho Turnpike when it was broadsided by a suspected drunk driver.
There have been more than 11 accidents at that location since 2019 with five injuries, according to police. Those statistics do not include Saturday's accident.
New Hyde Park Mayor Christopher Devane is proposing a "no left turn" sign to prevent future crashes.
Devane is also speaking with the state Department of Transportation about making the side street one-way, installing a traffic light and possibly putting a speed camera on Jericho Turnpike.
"In the city when I know there's a speed camera, I slow down and I see the corresponding traffic slow down," Devane says. "And I think that would have a deterring effect as well on Jericho Turnpike."
A spokesperson for the DOT says safety is a top priority and they will take any requests from local officials regarding potential safety enhancements.
Devane says he had a productive conversation with someone from the department Wednesday and they are planning to meet to discuss those proposals.