New Jackson Avenue bike lane could eliminate 150 parking spots in the Bronx

Residents along Jackson Avenue in Mott Haven say parking spaces in the neighborhood have been shrinking.
The Department of Transportation is building a new bike lane, and residents say they are worried that soon there will be nowhere to park at all. They say that parking along Jackson Avenue could take all day. 
Resident Jennifer Delgado lives on Jackson Avenue and says parking in the area has begun to disappear. 
“It's almost like an obstacle course,” says Delgado.
Neighbors say that several factors have been closing in on parking in the area, including school buses parked for hours before dismissal and local auto shops allowing unregistered vehicles to park on the street. 
The bike lane on Jackson Avenue will run between East 138th Street and Westchester Avenue.
According to the Bronx Community Board 1, the new bike lane could take up 150 parking spots. 
Documents from the DOT say that the bike lane would reduce traffic and improve safety for cyclists as well as pedestrians, but residents do not agree.
Arline Walker, the new chairperson of Community Board 1, says the board opposes the bike lane and that they are working on a resolution to request the development be paused until these concerns have been addressed. 
News 12 reached out to the Department of Transportation to find out what it has to say regarding the complaints and is waiting for a response.