New Jersey ranked as 14th rudest state. Is it deserved?

You can argue whether it's deserved or not, but New Jerseyans are often stereotyped as loud, brash and, maybe a bit rude.
A very, very informal study by the website last week ranked the states by rudeness and placed New Jersey in 14th place.
Fourteenth! I'm almost offended by such a milquetoast middle-of-the-road ranking!
Many of these so-called studies are often little more than pop science clickbait - but they do provide some food for thought. Is there any truth behind New Jersey's reputation? Or is 14th place in the ranking of states by levels of rudeness about right?
I decided to speak to people who know most about the character of our 50 states: truckers. On today's Brian's Positively New Jersey segment, I go truck to truck at the Thomas Edison Service Area on the New Jersey Turnpike to get the lowdown on from truck drivers who get flipped the bird for a living to see where New Jersey stacks up.