New Jersey’s television & film industry sets record-breaking levels

Movie and television production are at record-setting levels in New Jersey.
Steven Gorelick, executive director of the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission, says that he is surprised by how quickly the industry bounced back since the pandemic.
“That it happened so quickly, it is a little bit breathtaking,” Gorelick says.
More than $500 million has been spent this year, setting a record.
“We expected it eventually was going to happen and we expect it to exceed that number…in the years to come,” Gorelick says.
New studios built in Kearny and Jersey City are laying the groundwork for a permanent industry in the Garden State. The proximity to New York, the local talent pool and state tax credit make shooting in New Jersey more attractive, according to Gorelick.
The second season of Queen Latifah’s show “The Equalizer” spent $100 million alone on its New Jersey-based production. Gorelick also says that many projects are set to shoot in New Jersey this fall and into 2022.