New project hopes to highlight Latino community in the Bronx

The Bronx County Historical Society and students at Fordham University are putting together a collection of photos highlighting the lives of Latinos.
"We have over 90 boxes of this great collection of photographs, receipts and all these primary sources," says Angel Hernandez, the director of programs at the Bronx County Historical Society.
Elias Carmen, a Bronx native who owned a clothing store in the 1930s on Prospect Avenue, was one of the first business owners to hire Puerto Ricans and African-Americans. He stayed closed to the Latino community and chronicled their life in the borough.
"We just want to bring it out, showcase it and hopefully upload it to an online database that's accessible for anyone from all over the world," says Hernandez.
Hernandez says once they have collected everything they need, the plan is to show it off to the world. The goal is to educate the borough about the significance of the Latino community in their neighborhoods.