New state law allows adoptees to obtain birth certificate

A new state law went into effect Wednesday allowing adoptees to obtain their official birth certificate and find out the names of their biological parents.
Megan Kendenburg, of Seaford, was adopted when she was only two weeks old. Kendenburg spent her entire life wondering who her biological parents were until recently - when through DNA she was able to find her father but not her mother.
"If you didn't know where you came from, you would want to know," says Kendenburg.
Under the new law, Kendenburg hopes to find her mother and start the journey toward answering a lifelong list of questions. New York is the 10th state to grant adoptees equal access to birth certificates.
"I can't wait to find out what characteristics I got from her," says Kendenburg.
Anyone looking to learn more about the law and obtain information can visit the New York State Department of Health website