New study finds possible link between herpes and Alzheimer's

A new study suggests viruses that sneak into the brain may play a role in triggering Alzheimer's disease. 
Alzheimer's researchers have discovered a link between the herpes virus and the neurodegenerative disease.
In the study, Dr. Joel Dudley and other researchers discovered that the brains of people who died due to Alzheimer's have an overabundance of two common herpes viruses. 
Researchers say the findings suggests that Alzheimer's could be caused by the brain's response to the virus.
Dr. Dudley says the finding unlocks new avenues for treating the disease through antiviral or anti-inflammatory drugs. 
Tori Cohen, of the Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation, which serves 750 families on Long Island affected by Alzheimer's, says the research offers them hope for a cure.
Dr. Dudley says the next step in the research is to figure out what's triggering the herpes virus to become active in certain individuals and how that activity is related to the risk of getting Alzheimer's.