Police: New video surfaces of fatal attack on Bronx cab driver, 3 people in custody

The NYPD has arrested and charged three individuals in connection to a fatal assault on a Bronx cab driver. 
The suspects, 20-year-olds Austin Amos and Nickolas Porter, have been charged with gang assault and theft of services. The third suspect, a 15-year-old girl, was also charged with gang assault and theft of services. Amos faces additional manslaughter and assault charges.  
Police released new video of the attack that killed a cab driver from the Bronx showing a group of customers in Queens who allegedly didn’t want to pay the fare. Four to five people are seen kicking and punching the taxi driver. Toward the end of the attack, one person in the group hits the driver twice.
The cab driver falls to the ground, hitting his head. He doesn’t get back up. The group then takes off running. Police say this was all over evaded cab fare.
The victim, Kutin Gyimah, 52, lived with his wife and four young children. News 12 was told he was the sole provider for his family and now they’re left to pick up the pieces without him.
Gyimah had driven the group to an address in Far Rockaway, Queens, but they allegedly refused to pay and even tried to rob him. When Gyimah chased after the suspects, they attacked him, police say.
Officers currently do not have any information on the other suspects involved in the incident at this time. The group was made up of both males and females with some as young as 13.
Police are asking for the public’s help with identifying the other people involved.