New York City-raised Boyd Melson discusses his military career, his military family

New York City-raised Boyd Melson has had quite the military service career. He is also a part of a military family with countless members serving throughout the nation's armed forces.
Boyd's mother and father, his brother and his sister, aunts, uncles, cousins all have served. It's a military family in every sense.
Boyd's father was in the Navy for six years, then spent 29 years in the Army.
"While stationed in Germany, he met Annette, a specialist who would later become Mrs. Melson," Melson says.
Boyd was the second of three kids but the first to pursue a military career. Boyd said his parents never pushed, yet all three kids ended up serving our country. Around the same time, Boyd's cousin Rico Stewart was in a similar spot.
"I knew the benefits of the military, so I looked into those options, and I joined. I haven't looked back since," says Stewart.
Stewart even met his eventual wife, Maegan, shortly after basic training.
"19, 20 weeks - the whole time I knew almost everyone in her platoon almost by first name. Had no clue she existed until graduation day," Stewart explains.
The next generation of military members had taken the next step. Almost two decades later, a lot has happened - service to our country molding this family.