New York City releases new evictions data for 2023

New York City released new data Friday that revealed about 12,000 evictions were carried out in the city in 2023.
The data showed that about 4,000 of them were in the Bronx, and about 3,500 of them were in Brooklyn.
This data is causing the Legal Aid Society to call on lawmakers to pass “Good Cause” legislation.
Ellen Davidson, a staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society tells News 12 that the bill would protect unregulated tenants against eviction. It says landlords can still evict tenants who don’t pay rent, breach the lease or cause problems for the building.
“It's not fair to the landlord. We have to pay mortgage. We have to pay bills, and they allow people just to live free. And it's not fair to us. We still have responsibilities and they have squatters rights," said Rena Scully, a landlord in the Bronx.
News 12 also spoke to a tenant who is currently facing eviction in the Bronx. She says she doesn’t know what she’ll do if she can’t stay at home, but she’s going to fight for her rights by getting a lawyer and going to court.