New York Dominican Officers Organization hosts Three Kings Day giveaway in Castle Hill

The season of giving is not over yet, as some Bronx police officers are ensuring no child is empty-handed during the holidays.

News 12 Staff

Jan 5, 2020, 6:27 PM

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The season of giving was not over just yet, as police officers ensured children in Castle Hill were not left empty handed.
Hundreds of toys were given out at the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club Sunday as part of the New York Dominican Officers Organization second annual "Three Kings Day Toy Giveaway."
Detective Raysa Galvez heads New York Dominican Officers Organization, a fraternal and sororal organization that is predominantly composed of Dominican-American members of law enforcement. Her goal is to show the world that Dominican-Americans are doing good things.
"The Dominican community was seen as gangsters, drug dealers, you know, those negative things, and there were officers who felt, officers in the police department and in corrections, law enforcement officers who felt we're not like that. Let's show the community there are many of us who are hardworking, who not hitting the streets," Detective Galvez said.
Three Kings Day is a Christian holiday also known as the Epiphany, which recognizes the biblical tale in which the three kings, or wise men, visited baby Jesus Christ after his birth. The celebration a day ahead of the holiday allowed hundreds of kids to receive free toys.
"As parents, you always try and find things to get your children involved in and this is great. It is a free event," said parent Karla Gorritz.
New York Dominican Officers Organization also received help from Patrol Borough Bronx and the NYPD's Explorers Program as all united for the good cause.
"I grew up poor, so I know I need to give back," said NYPD Sgt. Dennis Rodriguez.
The New York Dominican Officers Organization also visited shelters, a V.A. center and hospitals to hand out toys.

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