New Yorkers can be vaccinated from their own couch with the citywide at-home vaccination program

A new vaccination program in New York City is bringing the COVID-19 vaccine straight to New Yorkers’ homes.
The at-home vaccination program is offered to anyone ages 12 and older in all five boroughs.
New Yorkers can book their appointments at home and two trained professionals from medical providers contracted by New York City Health and Hospital will come to their door to administer the vaccine.
The program reaches out to people of all backgrounds and doesn’t take their legal status into account.
It also offers services in different languages.
The Test and Trace Corp. launched the program in an attempt to reach out to those who need the vaccine most, like New York City Housing Authority workers and seniors.
Appointments for second and possible third doses are made onsite at the time of the first appointment.
Appointments are available every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.