Newly released body camera footage shows deadly police shooting

Warning: Footage of police-involved shooting is graphic.
Newly released body camera footage shows the moments leading up to a police-involved shooting on Oct. 17 in Norwood that ended the life of 31-year-old Allan Feliz.
Police say they pulled over Feliz on Bainbridge Avenue that October afternoon. The video initially shows a conversation regarding his seat belt. However, when police run his ID, they saw he had active warrants.
When one of the three responding officers asks Feliz to step out of his car, patting him down afterward, he got back in his vehicle.
The video shows an ensuing struggle. A sergeant from the 52nd Precinct discharged a stun gun first from the passenger side window, warning Feliz twice what would happen if he didn’t comply.
“I’ll *** shoot you,” the sergeant told Feliz.
The officers told Feliz to put the car in park more than a dozen times. During the struggle, one of the officers loses his body camera footage. Police say it was hit and turned off during the scuffle. Meanwhile, a sergeant is seen inside the car, trying to control Feliz before he fires a shot. The shot was fired about one minute and 30 seconds after the struggle began.
Police say those officers performed CPR on Feliz until EMTs arrived on the scene and took him to Montefiore Medical Center, where he died from his injuries.
The NYPD’s Force Division is continuing to investigate the shooting, along with the state Attorney General’s Office.