News 12 viewer provides surveillance video of father and daughter accused in Girl Scout cookie scam

Over a dozen more complaints about a father and daughter accused in a Girl Scout cookie scam have been made since News 12's original report on Friday.
The two have been going door to door in Suffolk County, collecting money for Girl Scout cookies that were never delivered.
Some people say they forgot about the pair coming to their doors until they saw the News 12 story.
One woman, who only wanted to be called Christina, says the story caught her eye and she immediately went looking for surveillance video.
"I had gotten the mobile app, and I always scan through it," Christina says. "I saw it and looked at it and saw Girl Scout cookies."
Christine says she recognized the young girl and the man as the ones who took cash from her on April 30.
Surveillance video shows the girl at Christina's door with a man who says he was her father. He promised to bring the cookies at a later date.
"May 15, between 3:30 and 5," the man says in the video. "If you're not here, we can put them over there."
The encounter was so believable, Christina even suggested that their children could have a play date, but the pair was never seen again.
She hopes that the images from her surveillance video will help police make an arrest.
"I do hope someone recognizes him or were able to identify him in some way," Christina says. "And this way we can put a stop to it."
Police say they have not yet tracked the man down.