NJ woman fed up with risqué Easter display tears it down herself

A New Jersey woman fed up with her neighbor’s risqué Easter decorations took matters into her own hands to take care of the issue.
Clifton dentist Wayne Gangi is known for outrageous holiday decorations outside his office on Grove Street. This year he dressed up mannequins to resemble Playboy bunnies after a conversation with one of his patients.
The display quickly became controversial, with many people saying that it was inappropriate.
“It’s disgusting. It’s gross. It’s like hookers on a corner,” says Desiree Mozek.
Mozek lives across the street. She says she was tired of the display and removed all of the mannequins herself.
“I just kind of got to the point where I’m like, ‘Enough is enough already. It’s got to go,’” she says.
Gangi says that Mozek came on to his property, tore the mannequins down and then threw them onto the driveway. He says that the display was not meant to upset people.
“Anyone who is my patient knows that typically these are the kind of wacky things we do and so it’s all for fun,” he says.
But Gangi says that he is serious about trespassing and vandalism. He called Clifton police when he saw what Mozek did.
“I don’t know what the limitations or requirements are, but whatever categories it falls within, that’s what I’ll do,” Gangi says.
When asked what her reaction is to the fact that she may face charges, Mozek responded, “It is what it is. I had to do what was proper.”
Gangi has added 'no trespassing' signs to his property. He says that he hopes to put the display back up within the next few days.