NO FLY: Don't have a REAL ID or Enhanced ID driver's license? You may not be able to fly next summer

Local and state officials gathered Wednesday at the Westchester County Airport to remind people that time is running out before people have to get their REAL or Enhanced IDs. 
Those who haven't updated their driver's licenses to a REAL or Enhanced ID may not be able to fly next summer.
There are more than 19 million New Yorkers, and only a quarter of them have gotten their REAL or Enhanced ID.
"What we are trying to do is we are trying to avoid the mad rush," said New York DMV Commissioner Mark Schroeder.
The Transportation Security Administration will begin requiring the REAL or Enhanced IDs for travel within the U.S. in May 2023. 
Due to a federal requirement, drivers must go into a DMV office to get the new license. 
      To get a REAL ID you must provide documents that:
      -Show your full legal name
      -Date of birth
      -Social Security number
      -Two proofs of address
      -Lawful status
Those who don't want to wait in the DMV lines can still travel domestically with a valid passport or an Enhanced ID.
Congress approved the new requirement back in 2005 at the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission.
Those 18 and under do not need to provide any identification to travel within the U.S. when this new rule takes effect.
The new licenses have a star or a flag in the upper right corner.