Nonprofit group works to open salsa museum in the Bronx

One nonprofit organization is working to bring a love of salsa to the Bronx and honor the Latin dance for generations to come.
In the Bronx, there's a Museum of the Arts and a future hip-hop museum is being built. A group of salsa lovers is hoping to break ground on a museum at the Kingsbridge Armory.
The proposed museum is still very much in the planning phase, but the nonprofit's goal is to bring the International Museum of Salsa to the Kingsbridge Armory. The nonprofit hopes to meet with the community board in the coming weeks to get a better outlook on where the museum can be placed. Right now, it is accepting donations to fund its dream of honoring salsa in the Bronx.
In addition to showcasing the history of salsa, the museum would offer music, dance and educational programs for students in New York City and around the region. Co-founder Willy Rodriguez says it's important to have something like this in the borough.
The goal is to open the museum by 2025, but they say they won't wait until then to start bringing salsa to the community. They'll start having pop-up events come September in Kingsbridge Heights.