NY health commissioner urges community to get vaccinated for flu, COVID & monkeypox

The state's health commissioner is urging New Yorkers to get vaccinated for the flu, COVID and monkeypox ahead of the holiday season.
New York Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett paid a visit to a health care center in Mount Vernon to discuss the vaccinations.
"We have concern that even when we have preventative measures, they are not reaching the population that needs them the most," she said.
Bassett says that's why places like the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center are so important. She toured the facility Friday with CEO Judith Watson.
"We feel validated, we feel appreciated," said Watson.
The center was second in Westchester County to open a COVID-19 testing facility in the early days of the pandemic and ranks third in the county now for administering monkeypox vaccines.
"It looks like we've turned a corner on this, and it's a tribute to places like this where people can get vaccinated," said Bassett.
The work isn't easy. Communities of color were most impacted by COVID yet most reluctant to get vaccinated and now boosted.
In a show of solidarity, leaders lined up to get the COVID booster. Everyone from the CEO, the city's mayor and a local Assembly member rolled up their sleeves, hoping more Mount Vernon residents will do the same to keep their loved ones safe and healthy.
To get a COVID-19 vaccine, booster or testing at the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Center, either walk in or make an appointment by calling 914-421-5975.