NYC Parks Department urges public to help bird, insect populations

The NYC Parks Department is taking action to help native birds and bees after they say the pollinators are in dire need of more natural space.
Supporting birds, bugs, and bees all year round is the goal for the park department's Pollinator Place Program. Placing gardens in parks all around New York City can help, and it's something the parks department says it is in desperate need of.
"We are losing many, many species of insects and life on this planet at a rapid pace," says Matthew Morrow, of the NYC Parks Department.
With bird, bee, and insect populations steadily decreasing, the gardens at Calvert Vaux Park in Gravesend use native plants that may be harder for our pollinators to find in the city.
"It's not traditionally thought by most people that we can provide spaces for these insects in our urban landscapes, but we now know that it's entirely possible."
The parks department says residents can help their local pollinators at home too by placing native plants outside.
"Even a small window box outside their window where they want to plant some native grasses or wildflowers that are known to provide seeds to a bee or bird."
You can also find other pollinator places in Brooklyn at McCarren Park and South Oxford Playground.