NYC school speed camera program expires

The New York City school speed camera program came to an end Wednesday after the state Assembly failed to come to an agreement on its extension.
By the evening, 120 cameras were turned off, ending the program that tickets anyone who goes even 5 mph over the limit. Twenty cameras will remain on in the city through at least August.
In the wake of the expiration, News 12 went to P.S. 81 in Riverdale, where parents in the past have rallied in support of the cameras. Parents said Wednesday that they've seen a positive change since the program was implemented, but they have safety concerns as the new school year approaches.
Democratic politicians, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, are blaming their Republican colleagues for not coming to terms on the program.
Mayor Bill de Blasio, who's been a supporter of the program, has said, "We cannot replace the impact of 120 speed cameras with the resources that we have. So we need to keep fighting."
A bill that would expand expand the number of cameras and their hours of operation, as well as extend the program until 2022, passed the state Assembly but failed to gain traction in the Senate.