NYCHA resident battling rat infestation: ‘I’m trapped’

A Bronx woman says NYCHA has been little help in putting an end to a severe rat infestation in her home.
Linnette Bautista says she hasn’t used her kitchen for months because of the rats she has spotted coming in and out of the cabinets.
“It’s very frustrating,” she says. “Like, I do not want to live here. I'm just sick of it. Every time I come home I'm literally trapped in my room. I have to put towels on the floor so they won't come in. I’m trapped.”
Bautista says she's been dealing with this issue since January, with rats invading her home through holes in the walls and under the sink.
She says exterminators have come but say there's not much they can do since the holes need to be covered up, which is something that NYCHA handles. She says that she has put in several tickets to NYCA to have the work done to no avail.
Bautista says she's also afraid the rats might bite her while she's sleeping. She and her mom have even considered trying to get a transfer to a new apartment.
In a statement, NYCHA said, "Staff are reaching out to the resident today to perform a rodent extermination this afternoon. The last extermination treatment was performed on April 16. We are already scheduled to begin plaster work to repair walls in the kitchen on Monday, May 20. Staff are also scheduling repairs to kitchen cabinets and paint to be completed."
The stament continued, "Any residents experiencing any issues within their apartment should create a work ticket by using the MyNychaApp or by calling the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771."
Bautista has since informed News 12 that NYCHA came to begin repairs about an hour after News 12 filmed the story.