NYCHA tenants, councilman hold rally for more funding

Frustrated NYCHA tenants held a rally Monday, asking Mayor Bill de Blasio for billions of dollars in funding due to apartment problems that include mold and cracked ceilings.
Norma Nazario, a 20-year resident at Melrose Houses, says her living situation has deteriorated over time.  She says she first experienced issues in 2012.
Nazario is a leading member of the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation, which has been fighting for residents against bad living conditions.
Councilman Rafael Salamanca Jr. toured her apartment Monday and then joined in a rally with Metro IAF.  Salamanca Jr. says the mayor has done nothing, and that NYCHA was New York City’s biggest slumlord.
Metro IAF and the City Council are asking the mayor for a nearly $2.5 billion for repairs, ongoing capital needs and more.

The group also plans to protest Tuesday at City Hall.