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NYPD: 42-year-old stabbed, robbed outside Williamsbridge bodega after argument; suspects at large

The victim was taken to the hospital in an ambulance for his injuries.

News 12 Staff and Samantha Chaney

Jun 13, 2024, 10:29 AM

Updated 35 days ago


Residents of Williamsbridge are moving cautiously around the neighborhood today as police continue to investigate a stabbing that happened Wednesday night on White Plains Road.
"It makes you scared that you live in a neighborhood, and you've got to be worried about what's going to happen to you," one resident told News 12.
A 42-year-old man was stabbed multiple times outside a bodega in Williamsbridge and the suspects are on the loose, according to investigators.
Police say the victim got into an argument around 10 p.m. Wednesday with two other men at the Te Amo Convenience Store as he was getting money out of an ATM.
Police say the men followed the 42-year-old outside of the bodega onto White Plains Road and stabbed him in his back and chest, then robbed him and fled.
It's unclear how much money they took from the victim.
The victim was taken to the hospital in an ambulance for his injuries and is in stable condition.

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