Officials: Man possibly bitten by shark at Jones Beach

A possible shark bite at Jones Beach is prompting police to ramp up patrols ahead of the holiday weekend.
Nassau County officials say a 37-year-old man was possibly bitten by a shark on Thursday. He was taken to Nassau University Medical Center with an injury to his leg.
State park officials say they learned about the potential shark bite Friday, but say the beach was never closed.
Nassau County police say there will be patrols in the air with helicopters and drones, on the water with marine units and on the sand due to an increase of shark sightings in the area.
Local officials say it's still important for swimming to be aware while in the ocean.
"Don't go in alone - go in only with a lifeguard," says Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman. "Make sure you know your surroundings, circumstances, be aware of everything around you, it could be a rogue wave, it could be a riptide or it could be animal marine wildlife."
Shark experts also advise people to avoid swimming around fishermen because they could attract small sharks.
They also say to stay away from large schools of fish in shallow water and listen for lifeguard instructions at all times.