Officials probe threat against Brooklyn school

Officials are probing a school threat at a city school in Park Slope.
It’s a message that appears to have been posted on social media that has some people concerned about whether the threat could actually be carried out. The post began circulating on Friday.
The post reads, "I’m going to shoot up my school millennium Brooklyn High New York with an MP 15 assault rifle and Glock 17 pistol with hundreds of rounds of ammunition in a few weeks.”
The post goes on to detail how the shooting will allegedly be carried out, including live-streaming it on social media. It even lists the names of several people who the individual plans to target.
According to police, they are aware of the threat and are investigating.
The Department of Education also responded, saying, “We take any threat against our schools very seriously and we are working closely with the NYPD as they investigate and keep our schools safe. This is a scanning campus, and every student will be scanned on Monday."
The threat comes as people across the country are reeling from the most recent mass shootings, including five that took place over the weekend, killing 18 people and injuring dozens more. Several of the shootings happened at graduation parties.