Brooklyn entrepreneur gives healing skincare workshops on Juneteenth

A woman who created and sells oil skin treatment products will be selling them and holding workshops for this weekend's Juneteenth celebration in Brooklyn.

News 12 Staff

Jun 17, 2022, 12:36 AM

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A woman who created and sells natural skincare products will be selling them and holding workshops for this weekend's Juneteenth celebration in Brooklyn.
When she was 21 years old, Nadia Clyne was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
"The doctor basically told me that I wouldn't be able to have kids," Clyne says. A few years later though, against all odds, her daughter Sole was born. But early on, Sole had an unbearable skin condition.
"I had many sleepless nights until one night I basically cried out to God and was like, 'I need help,'" Clyne says.
That's when she turned back to her Caribbean roots and the healing power of natural remedies, partly thanks to her mother who is from St. Lucia.
Clyne's mother taught her about herbs to heal one's skin and by blending natural herbs, she found a cure for Sole's condition.
From there, Clyne and her mother began selling the product. Since then, Clyne's business, Treasured Empire, has thrived.
Clyne just opened her own beauty salon in Park Slope's Industry City where she sells her products and does hair.
Marie Guerlin has been a client of Clyne's for many years.
"It's great to see that she has her goals, she has her dreams and she's going for it. She's also bringing other people from the community," Guerlin says.
When the pandemic hit, Clyne says she was being asked to teach how to make the products now that people couldn't go out to buy them.
That's what's she'll be doing this weekend at New York's annual Juneteenth celebration at Linden Park on Saturday and in Prospect Park on Sunday.
"We're going to have our kits for sale, we're also going to be teaching. This year we're going to be doing body oils and scrubs," Clyne says.
For Clyne, her brand is about way more than just skincare.
"I encourage so many people to really, really discover the treasure within, because I think it doesn't matter the faith that you believe in, but understanding that it's so much bigger than yourself," she says.
Clyne says the workshops will run every 30 minutes.

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