Old-school butcher shop in Queens serves up seasoned, smoked meats

When’s the last time you bought your meat from an old-school butcher shop? Morscher’s Pork Store in Queens serves up all the meat you would need in a retro setting.
Herbert Morscher and Peter Kotarowski co-own Morscher’s Pork Store, one of the oldest surviving family run butcher stores in the entire city.
“So, everything is homemade, fresh and smoked products and it’s a lot of work,” says Kotarowski.
Customers say they keep coming back for the fresh cuts and endless options.
The shop features smoked sausage, cooked sausage, dry sausage and spicy sausage.
“This is our ice box, cooler ice-box, our storage where we manufacture everything,” says Kotarowski.
Kotarowski says they also season, dry, and smoke everything themselves inside the shop