Orange County woman says court clerical error almost caused her arrest

An Orange County woman says a court clerical error almost caused her to get arrested last week.
“I’m being detained right now because there’s a so-called warrant out," says Carly Edmond.
Edmond took video last week when she thought she was about to get arrested on an old warrant for a traffic ticket that was supposed to be cleared two years ago.
The 36-year-old African American woman from Chester was eventually released after the trooper confirmed the error but blames the mishap on the Port Jervis City Court.
She says officials never cleared the warrant issued for a traffic ticket when she paid five days late in 2019.
“It could’ve went south real quick if I wasn’t the same person in the right frame of mind," she says.
A representative for the state Court System said the clerk notified Port Jervis Police and that it was responsible for clearing Edmond’s record.
News 12 reached out to Port Jervis officials for comment. It said it does not track, maintain or have control over warrants.
At this point, it’s still unclear who is responsible for the miscommunication.