Orchard Beach ranked among top 10 LI Sound beaches for water quality

You may not have travel far to visit one of the best beaches in the state.
Environmental leaders at Save the Sound studied the water quality in 204 beaches along the Long Island Sound and the Bronx's Orchard Beach made the top 10.
Of the 204 beaches studied, 79% of them earned at least an A or B grade.
Despite the good ratings, the report says there is still room for improvement. One of the main contributors to water pollution is rain.
"Water in your community is bringing pollutants either off of your streets, through storm drains, or out of your sewage infrastructure and it's getting in the water," said Tracy Brown, regional director of Save the Sound.
"When discussing water quality at beaches, the primary risk to swimmers is associated with fecal contamination. There's an increased risk for recreators, gastrointestinal illness, rashes," said Gregory O'Mullan, professor at Queens College.
Environmentalists are calling on local city officials to improve the sewage and septic systems, and to provide more public beach access to residents.
Experts are recommending that you wait 24 hours after each rain fall before dipping into the waters, if you want to be extra cautious.