Painting business helps small businesses vandalized in the Bronx

A small painting business is giving back, helping other small business around the city recover after multiple shops were vandalized last week.
Ricardo Torres and his partner Ryan Ehrlich, of Paintworks & Decorating, saw videos capturing groups ransacking businesses, and they wanted to help.
H&H Wireless in Morris Heights was one of the businesses vandalized last week.
"We reached out to the owners, and we're going to help them out today. We're going to paint this store. We're doing all this free of charge,” says Torres."I really believe in a small business community and the power in them and giving back. We wanted to try to get back and help out any way we could."
Alison Jaquez and his brother say if it wasn't for Paintworks & Decorating it would've taken them months to reopen.
"Since COVID and now this, we lost a lot of money and we don't have that amount just to restock it,” says Jaquez.
A good deed that hasn't gone unnoticed. Ricardo and his team have received countless messages of people wanting to help.
"I just want to bring positivity back. Everybody is locked down because of quarantine, depressed, stressed out and I just want to give positive energy and help out, and that's all I'm interested in doing,” says Torres.