Pandemic emergency SNAP benefits set to end March 1

Some families are expected to lose a minimum of $95 per month as SNAP benefits are set to stop on Wednesday, March 1.

News 12 Staff

Feb 28, 2023, 10:15 PM

Updated 413 days ago


Households will start to see a decline in their SNAP benefits starting on Wednesday, with each household expected to lose at least $95 per month or more.  
The benefits were allotted to eligible families during the beginning of the pandemic. With inflation hitting supermarkets and emergency SNAP benefits expiring tomorrow, Bronx residents who were eligible for those benefits may be at risk of struggling to put food on their tables.  
According to No Kid Hungry New York, the allotment that is expiring will impact approximately 1.6 million households, affecting a total of 2.8 million New Yorkers.  
Families who received the emergency allotment SNAP benefits will not have a substitute for these benefits. No Kid Hungry, an organization working to eliminate hunger and poverty, is encouraging New Yorkers to look into other options to help put food on their tables. These options include local food banks and additional benefits offered by the state of New York.  
Director of No Kid Hungry NYC Rachel Sabella shared some of her personal tips for those losing SNAP benefits.  
“We also encourage people to get re-scanned for their benefits, if their rent went up and their income went down even a little bit, they may be eligible for a change in their benefits,” said Sabella. “We encourage them to… go to a community-based organization.” 
Families can also look into their public schools that serve free hot breakfast and lunch daily for students to try and relieve the current high cost of groceries and the end of the SNAP benefits. 

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