Parents calls for city schools to close as precaution with coronavirus cases rising

Despite concerns from parents, New York City schools are remaining open amid the coronavirus outbreak.
Caretakers and parents picking up their children from P.S. 279 in Canarsie Wednesday had mixed feelings about schools staying open.
Some say they are worried about their kids' safety and others say they are optimistic that everything will be OK.
But that's certainly not the sentiment of all parents in the city.
More than 100,000 caretakers have signed an online petition in support of closing all New York City schools.
These parents say students should be taking their classes online and communicate with their teachers via email, Skype and other resources to ensure their safety.
Councilmember Mark Levine tweeted in part "…we don't have infrastructure to comprehensively deliver online learning to all kids. Whether needed for this crisis or the next one, we need to start working to fix this ASAP."
If a student or faculty member at any public school tests positive for the virus, the school will close for at least 24 hours.