Parents discuss how Greenwich schools will respond to audit of special education program

Parents gathered at Central Middle School on Tuesday to discuss the findings of a recent audit that examines Greenwich’s special education program.
Families say the districts special education program presented a source of frustration for years.
The district aimed to turn a over a new leaf by hiring a consulting company to write a critique of its program.
The report took over a year to write and research. Hundreds of parents and teachers were surveyed and interviewed.
The authors of the report recommend sweeping changes to how special education in Greenwich public schools operates, such as changing the name of the program.
The findings show that kids who are part of minority communities or come from low income families are more likely to be placed in special education. It also says the curriculum needs to be improved.
The report was presented earlier this year, but Tuesday was the first chance for members of the public to share their thoughts.
However, some parents who arrived to the meeting say they believed they had signed up to speak but were told they were not on the list.
This meeting comes after the longtime head of the program left last week. Her interim replacement is already on the job.