Parking lines, signs confuse Morris Ave. drivers

Some drivers who received parking tickets in Soundview say the parking lines on Morrison Avenue inaccurately frame out spaces on the street.
Virgie Surun, who has lived in the area for 15 years, says the city repainted the parking lines two months ago, which is when the trouble began.
A parking sign with a right-facing arrow warns drivers to park on that side only, but the new lines were painted on the left, making them appear like legitimate spots.
Surun says she's been ticketed twice, had a boot placed on her car and has even been towed. After $700 in fines, she says the situation is confusing and wants the city to correct the problem.
The tickets claim that the painted spots are in a no-standing zone, and Surun says people park in them and suffer penalties daily.
The Department of Transportation is reviewing the area to address the conflict.